Some time ago, there was a young, working man who was diligent and supportive of his work. He was well-dressed and with a full beard that was trimmed and groomed and once in a month’s time, he would spend his lunch hour by having a special lunch. He was usually joined by his uncle’s son who would enjoy the ‘voyage’ into the heart of the city for nothing more special than a hamburger.

To you and I, that hamburger was just... hamburger. To the young man, however, it was the cheese, bacon, fresh tomato, pickles and relish, ketchup, mustard and ‘hold the onions’ that gave such a wonderful taste when wrapped in a toasted, sesame seed bun.

Their order ready, the two young men went to the seating area of the Centre and so began the heavenly taste and the enjoyment of company all the while viewing the movement of people that were shopping during the lunch hour. It was as if a show of sorts was happening. It sometimes looked like, if the right music was played, that they were all dancing... kind of a ballet.

Soon a group of young ladies and gentlemen would be sitting beside them. This group was eating Chinese food and it looked quite nice. This group had decided to eat without utensils - certainly, a novel approach. The young lady sitting next to the young man was cute and admired the young man’s beard.

“I like your beard,” said the young lady.

“Well, thank you,” replied the young man. “I hope that you’re having a good day.”

“Oh yes,” said the young lady. “This has been the best outing that I can remember. We’ve been to City Hall and the Museum and after lunch, we will be taken to a movie. I really like your beard. May I touch it, please?”

The young man, without hesitation replied, “yes!”

Did the face of the young lady ever glow with happiness! As her hands approached the beard there was happiness in the young man. It did not matter that the young lady’s hands were still coated with the remnants of lunch. Rather, it mattered to share some kindness.

After the ‘beard massage’, there was discussion of shopping and work, being introduced to the group and learning their names. It was a very good time.

All-too-soon, lunch time was over and as the young man and Uncle’s son said their good-byes, a tall, blonde-haired lady approached the young man. The young man only looked down... The lady was compelled to speak,

“I just want you to know that I heard everything that you said and I saw what you did. I think that you are just one heck of a nice person.”

The young man shrugged his shoulders, and shuffled his shoes and went into a denial state. He thanked the lady and walked to the exit. The Uncle’s son, who saw all of this, questioned the young man,

“Where do you know her from, she’s beautiful!”

“Oh,” replied the young man. “I never noticed. I don’t know her.”

The young man never looked at the lady. He had a most difficult time accepting compliments and thought that doing good deeds is just doing good.

On the drive back to work, the Uncle’s son pressed the young man for information about the lady. But the young man could not share any information. He was, however, able to talk about lunch, the company, meeting people and the beauty of the day.

The Uncle’s son asked one last time, just in case... “So you don’t know this beautiful, blonde-haired lady who walks up to you and speaks and you just walk away without noticing? Is that the gist of it?”

The young man gave the best answer, "When angels come, I can’t look. I had this dream that the angel that I look at is the one I shall marry.”

And with that, the two laughed and went back to work. Each was looking forward to the next lunch.

Years later, the young man would look at an angel... but that is another story...